Industrial ventilation: from design to installation

What is industrial ventilation?

Industrial ventilation is a system that ensures a constant exchange of air in a room, taking exhaust air and replacing it with clean outside air. It plays an important role in creating a clean and safe working environment, controlling noise, moisture, temperature and odours.

Examples of industrial enterprises using ventilation

Almost all industrial enterprises use industrial ventilation systems for various purposes:

  • Food processing plants. These facilities use ventilation to remove excess heat and moisture that occurs during the production process.
  • Electronics manufacturing plants. Here, industrial ventilation systems help to control dust and static electricity levels.
  • Chemical plants. They use ventilation to remove harmful gases and vapours produced during production.
  • Agricultural buildings. Industrial ventilation is used to maintain an optimal climate for the growth and development of plants and animals.

Why is ventilation system design important?

The effectiveness of a ventilation system largely depends on its design. A properly designed ventilation system can significantly reduce energy costs and increase productivity.

When designing industrial ventilation, engineers take into account such factors as the size and shape of the room, the type of activity carried out in it, the climatic conditions of the region, the presence of harmful substances in the air, and many others.

Installation of industrial ventilation

Installation of industrial ventilation is a complex process that requires highly qualified specialists. It includes the installation of ventilation ducts, fans, filters, and ventilation control systems.



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