The latest technologies and engineering experience in the development of design solutions and the provision of ventilation and air conditioning services.

Modern technologies and many years of engineering experience in providing ventilation and air conditioning services.

Sergiy Kryvulya


Our main goal is to create economically mutually beneficial and environmentally friendly solutions. Let's preserve the planet's resources and give a bright future to the younger generation!

Слава Україні — Героям Слава!


Designing of ventilation, air conditioning and aspiration systems

The World of Ventilation Equipment develops design solutions even before the construction stage, which allows us to make systems energy efficient.

We also analyze ready-made projects and make cost-effective solutions.

Construction and reconstruction of bomb shelters

Taking care of the safety of all citizens of Ukraine, World of Ventilation Equipment offers services for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing bomb shelters

Preserving human resources is the most important issue during martial law in the country. We want to take care of people's comfort.

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