Clean rooms for medical facilities

Clean rooms for healthcare facilities: standards and features

Cleanrooms have become increasingly important for healthcare facilities in recent years. In this article, we will look at standards, types of cleanrooms, as well as installation and design features.

Cleanroom standards in healthcare

  • What is a cleanroom?

Clean rooms for medical facilities are rooms with a controlled level of contamination. They require a special approach to the design, construction, installation and maintenance of ventilation systems.

  • Standards and classification

Medical cleanrooms are classified according to the degree of air purity, depending on the amount of dust particles and microorganisms. Cleanroom standards are governed by international and national regulations.

Types of cleanrooms in clinics

  • Operating rooms

Operating theatres require the highest level of cleanliness, as surgical interventions are performed here.

  • Resuscitation

In the intensive care unit, patients are in a vulnerable state and their bodies cannot cope with bacterial infections. Therefore, air sterility has a key role to play.

  • Maternity halls

Newborn babies can be vulnerable to germs and infections. In maternity facilities, clean and sterile conditions help reduce the risk of mortality, infectious diseases and sepsis.

  • Specialised premises

This includes allergy and onco-haematology wards, which are available in every medical facility that has the facilities for sterilising instruments. These rooms are equipped with equipment that provides an optimal microclimate and specialised cleaning systems.

  • Laboratories

Clean rooms in the laboratories provide a controlled environment for research and analysis.

  • Pharmacies

Pharmacy cleanrooms create favourable conditions for the storage and preparation of medicines.

Features of installation and design of cleanrooms

  • Designing

When designing cleanrooms for healthcare facilities, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for air purity, as well as the specifics of the medical equipment that will be used in the room. Architects and engineers have experience in developing optimal solutions for different types of cleanrooms.

  • Installation of ventilation equipment

The installation of ventilation equipment in clean rooms of medical facilities requires a special approach. It is important to choose a reliable supplier of ventilation systems that can guarantee the quality of the equipment and compliance with the requirements of the standards.

  • Maintenance and quality control

Regular maintenance and quality control of ventilation systems is an important part of ensuring the safety of clean rooms in healthcare facilities. Installation companies should offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services.


Clean rooms for healthcare facilities play an important role in ensuring the safety of patients and staff. The peculiarities of installation, design and maintenance of such facilities require knowledge and experience from professionals in the industry. “World of Ventilation Equipment” is your reliable partner in the implementation of cleanroom projects for medical facilities!



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